EMR Services - Measurement, Mitigation, Education

EMF Services

Healthy Homes Calgary provides EMF testing, EMF assessments, and EMF consulting using professional grade instrumentation, the laws of physics, and proven mitigation strategies that can be verified measurements.

How we help

We provide piece of mind by

  • measuring the invisible exposure from man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF),
  • identifying the source of the man-made EMF
  • providing EMF safety guidelines from Canada and around the world for comparison to measured values.
  • providing solutions to lower exposure to man-made EMF
EMF  is a general term describing the emission of electromagnetic radiation from electromagnetic fields (EMFs), radio frequency/microwaves (WiFi, cellphones and other wireless devices), dirty power, and electropollution.

Typical EMF Services

Typical EMF Home Assessment: ~$500 (4 hrs)

Includes an EMF survey of high use areas of home. Particular attention is given to sleeping areas, home offices and children’s play areas. Includes a handwritten EMF measurements on floor plan along with discussion of significant and noteworthy findings, and strategies and recommendations for reducing electromagnetic exposures in the home.
Typical home assessment includes:

  • 20min EMF 101 Introduction – What are we measuring and why?
  • Thorough EMF assessment of three high use areas of the home.
    • Body Voltage (In Sleeping Areas).
    • Electrical EMF measurements (both AC Magnetic and AC Electric Fields).
    • Wireless Technology.
  • General sweep of the Home for EMF hot spots.
  • Cell tower map with number of antennas on each tower with in 1km of home.
  • Handwritten summary of measurements and sources of EMF (formal report available for additional cost).
  • EMF Exposure Guidelines Canada and World Wide.
  • EMF Building Biology Guidelines for Sleeping Areas.

With most home assessments there is time to perform some mitigation strategies that lower exposure to EMF. When this is done a summary of initial and final measurements are provided.

Home Buyer EMF Assessment ~ $250 (2 hr)

Provide valuable information and peace of mind to home buyers.  Typically used to help home owners assess harmful exposure to nearby power lines, cellphone towers, switch yards, transformers, or home wiring and grounding errors. Home buyer EMF Assessment provides the home buyer:

  • Radio Frequency / Microwave EMF measurements (EMF from wireless technology)
  • AC Electric and AC Magnetic Fields Measurements (EMF from man-made electricity)
  • Cell tower maps and list of antennas with 1km of property.
  • EMF Exposure Guidelines Canada and World Wide.
  • EMF Building Biology Guidelines for Sleeping Areas.
  • Handwritten summary of major findings. (formal report can be provided for an additional cost)

Telephone Consult ~ $125/hr (1 hr min.)

Consulting services over the telephone.

Address A Particular EMF Concern (Smart Meter, Cell Tower, Transmission Power Line)

 Provide measurement and exposure information regarding a primary EMF concern such as health exposure from power lines, electrical substations, cellphone towers, or smart meters.

Assist Health Care Practitioners

 Work closely with Medical Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors and other health care practitioners to identify and mitigate sources of EMF for people who are electrically sensitive.

Review Of New Home Plans

 Provide valuable feedback on creating EMR-free areas or sanctuaries in home (sleeping areas and children’s play areas or other high use areas), reviewing overall electrical plans to reduce overall exposure to EMF, including suggestions of lighting options that do not create EMF or dirty electricity.

Work with Electricians to Reduce EMF Exposures

 EMF reduction concepts may be foreign to some electricians, so we can work with electricians to provide direction and address any concerns, such as those regarding electrical code.

For more information regarding the services above, please contact mitch@healthyhomescalgary.ca.